Education and Collaboration with Universities

The Institute carries out educational activities at several levels – environmental education at primary and secondary schools and higher education in the field of Environmental Science and related disciplines in cooperation with Slovak universities.

Cooperation with Universities:

  • Constantine the Philosopher University (UKF) in Nitra – Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences – a joint workplace of the ILE SAS Bratislava and the UKF Nitra)
  • Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava – Faculty of Civil Engineering Bratislava
  • Comenius University in Bratislava – Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
  • Technical University in Zvolen – Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  • Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra – Horticulture and Landscape Engineering Faculty, Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development

The focus of cooperation:

  • lectures and seminars
  • consultations and final papers leading
  • participation in state examination committees
  • participation in committees for defence of PhD thesis
  • membership in Joint Expert Committees / Boards
  • participation in joint research projects
  • creation of curriculum materials

Collaboration with Primary and Secondary Schools

The Institute is an author of concept of education for sustainable development and an educational film “Country and its Sustainable Development”, which is used as a methodological tool for environmental education in several primary and secondary schools.
In a village Suchá nad Parnou was established under the auspices of the Institute an Environmental Natural Laboratory that is attended by students not only from the region but there are often realized a variety of educational programs and excursions.