Library provides literature searches, library and reprographic services. It collects and provides literature and other study materials in field of landscape ecology and related disciplines: geography, environmental studies, botany, zoology and nature conservation. It provides service not only for employees of Institute of Landscape Ecology, but also for secondary-school and university students, employees of other institutions interested in similar subject and for whole professional and general public.

Fund of library consists of circa 13 275 book units. Annually it expands by 65 periodical titles, while 45 of them are from foreign countries. Library is filling database of books and scientific journals that consists of more than 20 000 records.

Types of documents: books, periodical titles, dissertations, final reports

Services of library:

  • lending services for employees of institute and external users
  • interlibrary and international lending service for employees of institute
  • exchange of publications
  • literature search services for internal employees of institute
  • registration of publications of ILE SAS employees and references to their publications
  • consulting and advisory services
  • reprographic services