Expertise activity

The Institute of Landscape Ecology performs an intensive expertise activities and consulting on the national (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic, parliament, government, regional administration and local government) as well as international (DG Environment, European Environment Agency, DG Agriculture) level. The institute participated in the preparation and assessment of a number of strategic documents and the creation of legislative instruments in the field of environment. The most important activities in this area include:

International level:

  • European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity – processing of information on state and changes of flora, fauna, landscapes and habitats in Central and Eastern Europe for the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen
  • Monitoring team of the LIFE program – monitoring of the LIFE projects in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia
  • Scientific and technical support for the New Biogeographical Process of EU

National level:

  • Active participation in the implementation of the concept of Sustainable Development in the Slovak Republic
  • Participation in creation and strategic assessment of the Rural Development Programme 2014–2020 for the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Evaluation of the Rural Development Programme 2007–2014 and the preparation of a methodology for evaluating of the Rural Development Programme 2014–2020
  • Processing of strategic development documents for a number of regions and municipalities (landscape-ecological plans, territorial systems of ecological stability, plans for economic and social development, regional and local Agenda 21 documents)

Representation of Slovakia in the international organizations:

  • HORIZON 2020
  • International long-term ecological research(ILTER, LTER-Europe)
  • European infrastructure for biodiversity and ecosystem research LIFEWATCH-ERIC
  • European Platform for Biodiversity
  • European Academies Science Advisory Council-Environment Steering Panel
  • European Alliance for Global Changes
  • EU Strategy for the Danube Region
  • European Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Mountain Research Initiative
  • Landscape Europe (secretariat)
  • UNESCO, Man and the Biosphere Programme (MaB)
  • International platform for biodiversity protection DIVERSITAS
  • International network for a long-term ecosystem research ALTER-Net
  • Science for the Carpathians